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LIVE: Will These 5 Puppies Find True Love Tonight?

Thanks for tuning in to the ASPCA’s live #PuppyLove Twitter party! These five puppy contestants have a shot at meeting their perfect match tonight, but they’re going to need your help. If you know of a good home for one of these precious pooches (especially if it’s your own!), please contact the ASPCA by calling (212)-876-7700, ext. 4900.

And if you’re ready to make a new addition to your family (of the dog or cat variety), you can always visit the ASPCA’s online adoption center.

Not enough cuteness for you? There’s a Twitter party happening right now, with plenty of chances to win sweet prizes, including FluffPo swag! Follow @ASPCA, @TheFluffPo, @DogTipper and the hashtag #PuppyLove to play along at home.

Thanks for watching, and thanks for adopting!

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