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The Fluffington Post is seeking a very part-time humor writer to create satirical news stories about adorable animals.

What we need:

  • The ability to source compelling original images from around the web and social networks and attribute content to its owner.
  • The ability to write hilarious, punchy copy in the style of a news media publication.
  • Familiarity with social networks (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook) and the timely news that breaks on them.

What you get:

  • Exposure. Your work and social media profile will be seen and shared by thousands of readers who love a good laugh.
  • The opportunity to work with online media pros who know everyone in the industry.
  • The possibility of pay in the future (unfortunately, this position is unpaid, but we are working hard to change that).

This position is ideal for a student with a knack for web culture who’s looking to flex his/her wit in front of a large audience. It’s a great resume/clip builder, and an opportunity to work closely with experienced web writers.

If this describes you, please send a note to, along with a sample of your writing and links to relevant blogs and social accounts. Include [JOB] at the front of the subject line so we know you’re not sending us a cat picture.

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